“I know not what tomorrow will bring – The Fernando Pessoa Audiotour” is a documentary series dedicated to Fernando Pessoa.


Pessoa’s story is told in 15 episodes. Each chapter was created having in mind a geographical location in Lisbon, Portugal, so the listener can experience it in two different ways: through a physical journey or through an imaginary journey.


Each episode crosses biographical and literary key aspects of Fernando Pessoa and can be listened independently. The story is told by those, critics, scholars, who study Pessoa’s legacy and by his close relatives, his nephews who shared a lot with him.


You can listen to the episodes on streaming (we recommend that you have an updated version of Google Chrome) or you can download the sound files to your smartphone or mp3 player. You can also find a printable map on this website.




  1. On the menu click on episodes;
  2. The episodes are numbered from 0 to 15.
  3. Click on the episode title.
  4. To listen on streaming click on the play button.
  5. To download the episodes go to iTunes or Soundcloud


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