José Correia
José da Conceição Pires Correia, BA in Sociology and Postgraduate in Sociology of Religions. Superior Technician of Lisbon’s City Hall. He has held bibliographic research and consulting positions at Casa Fernando Pessoa’s library since 2009.
Ricardo Belo de Morais
Ricardo was born in Oeiras, in 1969. Writer and literary researcher, he studied Law at the University of Lisbon and Communication Sciences at Universidade Nova. He was one of the founders of XFM radio, and collaborated with its ``twin`` stations, Energia and TSF. In 1995 he began a regular collaboration with the weekly Notícias Magazine. He also worked as cultural adviser at the Portuguese Club of Arts and Ideas as well as at the Municipality of Lisbon, coordinating the press office of the Festas de Lisboa, until 1997. He integrated the team of NR / Hill & Knowlton PR agency and founded the PR agency Multicom. He was a marketing and communications consultant for the Portuguese Franchise Association and returned to radio, as DJ for Rádio Paris Lisboa and Rádio Europa Lisboa. He is currently hosting shows on Rádio Movimento. He published the book of poems ``Paixão ou A Batalha Contra as Sombras ``, with preface by Mafalda Arnauth and Carlos Pinto Coelho. He is a member of Casa Fernando Pessoa team since 2012. Since 2013, he publishes the online project ``O Meu Pessoa``. He is a contributor to the academic journal Pessoa Plural. He runs literary walks in Lisbon, related to Pessoa’s life and legacy, and provides advice in this area to tourism, business and cultural projects. He is a specialist in Pessoa and has published, by Verso de Kapa, the books ``O Quarto Alugado – A vida de Fernando Pessoa revisitada por um velho amigo”, (2014) and ``Fernando Pessoa para todas as pessoas`` (2015).